Transition Plan

The Australian energy sector is undergoing significant change as part of the global push to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to achieve net zero. Nationally, the development of renewable energy infrastructure is accelerating which will affect communities like Lithgow with a reliance on coal mining and coal fired power generation.

The impact on Lithgow will be significant. Together, coal mining and electricity supply, including the local businesses that service them, contribute almost 46 per cent of Gross Value Added (GVA) to the Lithgow economy and employ more than 16% of our workforce.

The Lithgow emerging Economy Project (LEEP) has produced a Transition Plan to reinvent and invigorate Lithgow’s economy by building on our heritage of industrial innovation, our regional endowments and our economic advantages.

Developing new opportunities to balance the economic contribution that coal mining and coal-fired power generation brings to Lithgow is a challenging but exciting task that will require coordinated action from all three tiers of government. Work needs to begin now.
The transition will require ambition, leadership and significant effort to attract new investment to expand industries and businesses, and create diverse, skilled jobs including for young people and workers currently in the coal and energy sectors.

Transition Plan Documents

LEEP Flyer

An easy to read overview of the TransitionPlan (4 pages)

Community Briefing Slides

Community Information Session presentation

LEEP Transition Plan Summary

A summary version of the Transition Plan

LEEP Transition Plan

A detailed technical plan for Lithgow’s transition.

How was the plan developed?

Lithgow City Council and the NSW Government commissioned the Lithgow Emerging Economy Project (LEEP) to help Lithgow plan a successful energy transition ot become a modern, diverse economy with new job opportunities.  We worked with a consortium of specialists (NCEcomonics, Acclimate Partners, Mosaic Insights and H4CO) who analysed the risks and identified opportunities for a resilient future economy.  The undertook: 

  • Rigorous analysis of Lithgow’s prospects, including its social, economic and planning profile trends, barriers, opportunities and competitive advantages.
  • Engagement with government, business and industry leaders, service providers, community, education and training organisation of the local context, planned and potential opportunities and investments, and community expectations.
  • Alignment with government policy and program priorities
  • Identification of lessons from communities around the world that have undergone similar transitions

 The plan reflects the findings of this analysis and engagement.